Bali Kintamani Volcano Tour

Bali Kintamani Volcano Tour Blog , our family tour experience toward Kintamani Area . Four of us including myself , my lovely wife and our beautiful sisters .

Bali Kintamani Volcano Tour is one of most recommended tour in Bali Island. The itinerary can be modify as we like based on our interest. Due to the way to Kintamani can be reached via several directions. And each direction has places an attractions sites that can be combine into one day Bali Tour program. 

She's so pretty isn't it ? ...... She's my love and my life 
It was a great Saturday morning. We woke up early morning, will have an exciting day where we were plan to explore some of interesting place in our island.  It's me and my beautiful wife together with her sisters would like to have a wonderful whole day tour toward Kintamani area.  Our main concern is to go to the Hot Spring water on the slopes of Batur volcano.  Toya Devasya it's the name of the place,  a beautiful setting of hot spring pool beside the lake on the slopes of the volcano.  

We leave our house around 8 : 30  am from our plan to start at 07 : 30.  It's one hour late ,  understandable and acceptable.  The girls need to prepare themselves longer than man,  at least the want to look perfect on the picture.  Aaaaah woman! 

To be a Guide and Driver for our own family 

We took an unusual drive trek through Badung region.  Pass through Sangeh Monkey forest but we didn't stop there. After few hours drive we arrive at the border between Badung region and Kintamani district. The are where the longest bridge, well known as Takad Bangkung Bridge.  The landscape view is amazing.  The place surrounding by stunning views of the valley,  mountains in the north and terraces. Unlike another place where the terraces is for rice farm but here they grow at her than rice such as corn,  long bean as we as Tomato.  We were amazed when we arrive at Belok Village. Along the street we can see colorful terrace with flowers plantation.  It's a Marigold farm . The village getting more popular as a new tourist destination. A stunning Marigold farm.

Marigold flower is one of the main flower for offering tradition in Bali . Beautiful yellow color also well known as 'herbs of the sun ' and a symbol of creativity and passion . In India they use this flowers for in a wedding even , a color of love , peace and charm . A flowers to protect the couple from gossip, sharp tongue . However the flowers also symbol of cruelty and jealousy  .  

We decide to stop and taking some picture.  As a models is the three beautiful girls who addicted to make a picture of themselves. And that place is perfect for them. I am very happy to see them enjoy the moment we were there.

Some of you might be jealous to see this picture  . But don't worry I will bring you there . See our offer at '' Bali Private Tour "

She's with her younger sister

So Happy to see them enjoy the place !

Our beautiful models will make this place become viral and famous place as a new tour destination

We continue the drive toward Kintamani,  reach the place from back side. Drive through the very steep valley in the northern part of the volcano.  It's really amazing landscape view.  In Kintamani we drive direct to  Bali Hot Spring pool which is located inside the Crater,  by the lake on the slopes of the volcano.  The Hot Spring that located in one of the resort there. We spend a few hours there,  the place setting is stunning but it's to busy.  Today is a weekend,  where the place full with local visitors . 
What a stunning view from the Hot Spring pool

Guess which one more beautiful

Lunch we take at Panelokan Kintamani at one of the Indonesian buffet restaurant on the southern rim of the Crater . The food wasn't that good but that's fine for us . We enjoy the view more than the food . We know we should not expect best food at the buffet restaurant .
Enjoy the buffet lunch  . We enjoyed the view more than the food

Last place that we visit is Panglipuran Village.  A beautiful setting of Bali ancient village who keeping and maintain the concept of Three Hita Karana.  A concept of maintaining a good relationship between human and human,  human and environment and human and God. We arrive there on the perfect time.  The weather isn't so hot to walk around the village.  We took a lot of pictures,  spending time to see a whole village area,  bamboo forest as well as small souvenir shopping at the village bazaar.  The village having one week festival,  so beside visiting the village we also walk around the bazaar. It's amazing last stop. 
Panglipuran Village also well known as Bali Aga village , Bali Aga is the generation who occupied Bali and bring a Hindu concept . Panglipuran village strictly apply a concept of Three Hita karana . Thus three rules such as
- Pawongan as a relationship between human and human . The concept how we living in harmony in one community , to take care each other . Parents and the children and the community .
- Palemahan as a relationship of human and the nature  . This concept we can see with how the build the house as a compound , where and how to build  .
- Parahyangan as a relationship human and God . This parahyangan we can see with the Temple in each houses as family temple and a main temple in the village where we worship the God .
The Picture of Panglipuran village

Old Man at the entrance gate of the house

Time passes so quick and it's almost dark when we left the village.  We all really enjoy the day but unfortunately we have to end the trip and back home. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us or me personally if you would like to see the island.  We would be glad to organize tour tour plan,  to drive you and guide you around Bali Island. 

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