Bali Lembongan Family Tour

Bali Lembongan Family Tour I s ours our 3 days Lembongan ian n ight tour to Lembongan Island . It was wonderful trip with our family members including me and my wife , our both sisters and brother . A budget local family trip in our own country . 

Bali Lembongan Family Tour
Taking a picture before getting into the fast boat
Bali Lembongan island is an island that still belong to Bali island . Its under Klungkung region . There are three island  around there such as Nusa Penida as the biggest island also Ceningan and Lembongan island . Lembongan Island is quite popular for tourist in Bali . An Island to escape from tourism crowd where snorkeling and diving activity is most popular activity in the island . The island is quite small , we could drive a whole island for less than one hours . Around the island there are few popular bay with beautiful white sand beach while the other part is a cliff .

First day at Lembongan Island

Our first day is our departing day to Lembongan Island.  We depart at the first schedule in order to get there as early as we can.  We took a local fast boat which is reasonable rate for all of us.  The sea condition were fine,  we don't encounter any high wave.  We arrive there before noon at Mushroom Bay.  As soon as we jump from the boat some local people approach us.  Some of the offer the accommodation or motorcycle to rent. Not to much bargain because they know we are local to,  they don't trying to mark up the price.  We founded the rate of the accommodation there is above our rate.  We decided to take motorcycle to rent there and will look for cheap accommodation at Jungut Batu village.  It's just approximately 20 minutes drive from mushroom Beach.  After looking around the village we found one nice accommodation with reasonable rate.  Nice wooden house with big shower room,  air condition,  terraces with only 200k rupiah per night includes breakfast.
Nice gazebo house at a very budget rate per night at ' NYOMAN GUEST HOUSE "

After rest we continue to explore that area. Ride our motorbike toward mangrove forest.  Our plan is to find a good place for lunch.  There are few restaurants along the beach near the mangrove forest.  We end up having lunch at one of the restaurants there also we book snorkeling trip from the owner of the restaurant. We also take short mangrove tour after lunch.  It was great few hours mangrove tour with local jukung. 
Mangrove Tour at Lembongan  . Me and my beautiful wife

Second day  at Lembongan Island

Woke up early  morning and after taking small breakfast we drive toward mangrove forest.  The place where we take private boat for snorkeling trip.  It was to early,  we arrive there around 10 am. The sea water were to low to lower the boat. Therefore we have to wait approximately one hour.  Soon after the tide getting higher than we start to leave the beach to the snorkeling point.  According to our schedule and appointment that we will do three different spot for snorkeling.  One spot near Lembongan island and others they will bring us to snorkeling spot at Nusa Penida. It was amazing experience to see another life under the sea.
Snorkeling tour
Its wonderful time

 Nusa Lembongan well know as the best place for snorkeling.  Warm water,  well condition coral reefs,  colorful fish and big variety of tropical fish and coral reefs. There are more than 200 species of fish that recorded during the survey recently. We not use to do snorkeling so far,  feel so tired after the second spot and decide to do very short one at the last spot.  It was amazing to see a huge size of fish.  They were bellow us such a big size of fish.  The guide told me there are a group of giant travally fish who always show up only on that area. That's made that area as a stopping place for glass bottom ship to see that fish species.  It's protected there and no one allowed to do any fishing activities there. Snorkeling trip done and we return back to the beach. We have lunch at the same place again and back to the Hotel for rest.  
Sunset time we were spend in another side of the island where cliff area and small sunset beach . we have chance to see the sunset an Water blow area .

Water Blow at Lembongan

Lembongan Water Blow area
Sunset Beach

Sunset from the cliff

Third Day and last day at Lembongan Island

Time pass so quick, today is our last day in Lembongan , time to leave and back to reality . We drove back to Mushrom beach to catch our boat back to Bali . We also return back the motorbikes to the rental place . We actually arrived one hour early from the schedule as we would like to spend and taking some picture on the beach before we leave .
It was nice and short vacation ..... CIAOOOO Lembongan 

Some more pictures of beautiful Lembongan