Klepon is a traditional Indonesian sweet , a rice ball shape stuffed with palm sugar . Klepon in Bali usually serve with shredded coconut .  In Bali you can find a lots when you visit Tanah Lot Temple , there are more than one old lady sitting along the road to the temple offer the visitors this delicious and sweet cake . 

Here bellow I would like to share the ingredients and how to make KLEPON in your own house .

Ingredients for 60 rice balls ( Klepon ) 

  •  3 cups of rice powder

  •  Enough warm water or coconut milk

  •  Enough green food color , if you can find any good green leave for natural color such as pandan leaf . In Bali we use kayu sugih ( Rich tree )

  • 20 tsp coconut sugar / palm sugar 

  • Fresh grated coconut mixed with enough salt 

    How to make it

    Mix the rice powder with warm water and green food color into a firm and flexible dough . Take approximately one tea spoon of the dough and make a shape into a ball and push a finger in the center to make a hole and put 1 / 2 tea spoon of palm sugar . Seal the dough and roll it again into a ball shape . 
    Prepare the boiling water and drop the ball into the boiling water . Klepon is ready when they float into the water surface . Serve the ball with  grated coconut on the banana leave .