PANGLIPURAN VILLAGE's UNIQUE RULE - More than one wife mean you will be in jail

Bali is a small island in Indonesia archipelago . The biggest Hindu population in Indonesia , Bali is the only island who still keeping  the original culture and tradition based on Hindu concept . 

Panglipuran village

Rwa bineda is one of the concept who has big influence in Balinese culture and daily life . Rwa Bineda mean a concept of the differences , that we always in two different things in life . Good and bad and day and night  will always be a part of our life . Rwa Bineda is a concept to keep things in Balance in purpose to reach the peaceful life . We don't hate the difference but we accept them as a part of life . Rainbow look beautiful because of its different color .

Based on this concept we can see here in every village in Bali . Even we are all in one Hindu concept but there will be always a differences about how we express our Hindu tradition and culture . Every community have their rules for their own and everyone who entering into a different community have to respect and follow strictly their rules  . For this reason make one of the village in the east ' Panglipuran village ' still keeping their unique rules to keep things in Balance to live harmony . 

Panglipuran village has some unique rules , one of the only village in Bali having a rules to don't let a man married two woman . If anyone break the rule will be in jail , exile from the village community and never ever allowed to involve in every village even . 

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