Taman Nusa Gianyar , ( Whatssap +6287862331691 )  seeing all the different culture , ethnic around Indonesia in one place . 

Imagine if we must travelling all around Indonesia to explore the different culture from various group ethnic .  Indonesia is such a big country with almost 17.000 different islands .  13.000 different tribes , that's incredibly big and we are very proud as a part of this differences . Living in a big country as Indonesia indeed . 

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Whatssap +6287862331691

But here in Bali , a sweet short cut to see most of them all . There's a pretty big areas in Gianyar region , Ubud area that you can see most of all thus different ethnic around Indonesia . You can witness the Java ethnic and their traditions as well as their traditional houses , Padang , Sulawesi and many more . You can learn many of the differences that we have within one day

Its cool , isn't it . we don't need to travel all around Indonesia to see them all . Just come here and you will find it most of them .    

Taman Nusa park is designed to you who would like to see the rich culture of Indonesia . In about 15 hectares area you will see a different traditional house around Indonesia , custom and dress also their unique tradition . 

Soooo don't miss it , if you are in Bali you must spend one of your day to visit this place , Taman Nusa .