Here just a short view about the temple , I have wrote the details article about the temple on our official sites  Tanah Lot Temple  . On this blog , I juts would like to share our pictures collection time to time during our travel to Tanah Lot Temple 

Based on the legend telling around 15 century that the holy priest Dhang Hyang Nirartha which is also known as Dhang Hyang Dwi Jendra coming to Bali and bring a duty from the last King of Majapahit . The King wish that he able to teach Bali peoples and straighten the concept of Hindu in Bali . 
During his holy journey he went and visit Tanah Lot Temple area and decide to stop there . He meet the peoples and start spreading his Hindu knowledge , teaching peoples how to live in harmony with nature based on Siva Buddha concept .  According to story that Tanah Lot Temple is the place where he did a meditation to avoid his enemy , the leader of Beraban village who doesn't agree with him . The Beraban leader is the very powerful leader who don't believe in Hindu ( Siva Buddha concept ) . But the priest able to defeat the leader and make him become his follower . 
Soon after that , the priest manage to teach the villagers the Hindu concept as a part of their tradition . The priest also teach the peoples how to work in the rice field and taking care the land , to be a fisherman . how to live in harmony with the nature , strengthen the concept of Three Hita Karana .