You connoisseurs paintings of high artistic merit? Just come to the village of Batuan  which is the center of art in Bali. This village successfully developed a distinctive style of his paintings, Batuan style. Starting from experiments ngendon and I Patera in 1930 that managed to create a black and white painting with strong magical image. The location is close to Celuk village, in Gianyar, Bali. 

Typical painting Batuan are generally very expressive, store atmosphere tense and Tenget or make drifting and shudder, with typical visualization. "Commonly used color green and maroon with a dark background. Originally themes raised paintingsare fairy tales and fables. For example 'Episode Ramayana War' by Ida Bagus Alit 'Elephant and His friends' works I Made Sujendra. On his way, the painter takes the theme of the development of Bali. Also day-to-finger with cuteness humoritas shape and scattered scenes. ''For example, the works of I Ketut Sadia 'Bali Post-Terror' or 'Bali Glance, Glance' by I Ketut Manggi, Although there developments the theme, the techniques used are still traditional. Starting from pencil sketch called '' ngorten'', confirms sketches with Chinese ink or nyawi, making the effect is much closer, light or dark nguncak. Then menyunin, which makes an impression shows, spliced nyawi, namely making ornaments and detail with the last color ngewarna or coloring. ''The development of Batuan paintings theme not eliminate magical element that became his trademark, good depiction of the figure, the disclosure of nature, nor staining.