Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot temple

Attractions: Tanah Lot, Bali is a natural tourist attraction is very popular with local and foreign tourists, many visitors who come to Bali say should come to Bali Tanah Lot, Tanah Lot if you have not yet been to Bali so people praise tourist attraction located Beraban village, district of Kediri, Tabanan Regency. There are two temples are located in Tanah Lot Beach, the temple is located on top of the boulder and a temple located on top of a cliff that just into the sea.

Pura Tanah Lot temple is a place of worship of gods guard the sea, this temple is located in the middle of the sea, when the tide. By the time the tide temple is clearly visible in the middle of the sea, for Hindus who pray to the Tanah Lot temple should at low tide, then people could cross to the Tanah Lot temple.

Tanah Lot temple

Tanah Lot temple



This temple was build by a brahmana who came from Java, Dangyang Niratha successful Balinese people will strengthen confidence and build Sad Hinduism Goda.Therefore Niratha teachings, making followers of the ruler of Tanah Lot at the time the ruler of Tanah Lot switch left and follow Niratha, then Bendesa Beraban Niratha told to leave the Tanah Lot.

Dangyang Niratha undertakes Bendesa Beraban request, but before leaving Tanah Lot,Dangyang Niratha with all his strength to move boulders into the middle of the beach and build a temple there. He also change the shawl into a snake used the ocean as a temple guard. Snake is still there today, and can be visited when the tide and see firsthand where the snake. This snake is known for its small but deadly poison, yellow and black striped flat tail like a fish and said the poison is 3 times more lethal than the cobra snake.

Tanah Lot is not only a tourist attraction but also the beach and the temple is a tourist object to sunset (Sunset), so that the tourists prefer to visit to Tanah Lot on the afternoon before Sunset.

Holy snake on the Tanah Lot temple