Things to do in North Bali , Singaraja

North Bali is the biggest region in Bali , isolated from all the region in south Bali or center of Bali . Formerly the first capital city of Bali before moved to Denpasar , the reason because north Bali is quite far and isolated from all the region in Bali . The area of North Bali stretching from west to east Bali blocked in the south part of the region by mountainous side which is divide Bali into two side , North and south Bali .  
The majority of tourist visiting Bali stay in the southern part of the island . This is because of popularity as well as the location which is near from airport . But north Bali also fantastic place to stay and visit , especially for you if you would like to see a different part of Bali , great landscape , wild life adventure and of course the traditional ways of life of north peoples . 

There are tons of things to do in eastern part of Bali and here is the list of place to see and stay . 

Lovina beach , place to stay . 
Come to lovina ,If you are looking for a completely different holiday, different from South Bali’s Kuta-Seminyak vibrant atmosphere, then you should head north to Bali’s Lovina Beach. Situated some 9 Km from Singaraja, capital city of the Buleleng Regency, Lovina Beach facing the Bali Sea is the perfect definition of tranquility, where one can enjoy the true meaning of a laid back and relaxed life.
Lovina stretches across a swathe of over 8 kms coastline comprising a string of coastal villages, which are: Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, and Tukad Mungga – collectively known as Lovina. The heart of Lovina is the village of Kalibukbuk situated in the Buleleng District, Buleleng Regency.
Dolphin is always appear in early morning and welcoming th sunrise , this cute incredibly smart creatures will come and swim near the boat atract tourist all over the world to see this natural attraction and you can hire small boat ( jukung ) that offered by a tour company like us Galih Bali Tour , Lovina Dolphin sunrise activity . There's a perfect place for snorkeling also around this area called Lovina sea garden , worth to try . 

Pemuteran village , place to stay 
Wanna enjoy the scenery from the top of hills ? Love exploring the wild life ?
You may experience both of the instantly by visiting Pemuteran village , The village which is quite far drive from Bali international airport  but driving here such a paradise long drive . A hidden gem in the western part of north Bali , the village is blessed with a tranquil beach that offers a vast view of the beautiful Bali Sea. Long before it became a well-known place for snorkeling by foreign and domestic travelers, the tourism village was originally just a humble fisherman village. It all changed when I Gusti Agung Prana, a man who used to work as a tour guide back then started to explore the potential of Pemuteran village. After a long arduous process, Pemuteran village now successfully transformed into a popular tourist attraction which opened a big window to the rich biodiversity of Bali. 
At Pemuteran village, can witness the abundant marine biodiversity along the coast of the beach through snorkeling or diving. For that reason, the ocean by the beach holds plenty of astonishing underwater photo spots to capture. However, these aren’t the only things that make Pemuteran village so enticing to many travelers. 

Munduk Village 
For me Munduk is one of Bali's most beautiful mountain place and retreats area . It has a cool misty ambience set among lush hillsides and pretty much anything else that grows on the island.
Away from hustle and bustle tourism , Munduk is a remote town in the north of Bali located between 500 to 1200 meters above sea level with average temperatures of 20 t0 30°C giving it slightly cooler and less humid weather than the lowlands on the cost . It is set on a ridge running from Danau Tamblingan in the hills to the south right through to Seririt on the coast in the north.
The ridge falls steeply on either side into the valleys below, where distant paddy and spice plantations create a spectacular scene. Although, there is not much to see or do aside from take in the amazing view of the surrounding landscape, but step out of town and there is a range of nature activities for the taking. Stay there you may able to explore most of northern part of Bali in one day trip . 
Munduk Village

Munduk waterfall

Munduk waterfall , things to see 
The beautiful waterfall which is located in Munduk village , about Munduk village you may find on above article . To reach there to the waterfall , we need to do easy walk about 30 minutes trough lush green forest , cloves and coffee farm . The entrance fees to this site is 10.000 -20.000 rupiah per person approximately . 

Banyumala waterfall or Banyumana Waterfall , things to see 
This is one of my favorite waterfall in Bali honestly ,  3 different falls in one area , misty and quite place . Getting here we have to drive down to Banyumana village from the hills side of Wanagiri . from the parking we need to walk around 40 minutes to the waterfalls and another 3 - 5 minutes from one waterfalls to another . As other beautiful waterfalls in the north which is located in unexplored forest , cloves and coffee farm . For you who are having a bit problem with long walk , motor taxi available here for only 30.000 both ways to the nearest waterfall . 
Banyumala waterfall

Gitgit twin waterfall 
One of the most famous and touristy waterfall in north Bali , it's a beautiful one but not my favorite one . A easy hike through the forest , cloves , avocados and coffee farm . It's located in Gitgit village , an opposite site of Munduk village . 

Git Git Waterfall

Sambangan Waterfall or Aling Aling waterfall at the secret garden of Sambangan village 
Amazing untouched nature in North Bali, Sambangan Village is known as The Secret Village, it is only a 15-minute drive from Singaraja. It is a stunning location abundant in wildlife and scenic views; be surrounded by vast forests on route to the many waterfalls which can be found here. On average it takes around 30 minutes trekking from the starting point to get to the waterfall area, you will see paddy fields, cloves trees, cocoa trees, marigold fields, and beautiful hill views along the way.

Sambangan Waterfall

Aling-aling is the largest waterfall, Blue Lagoon, Kroya waterfall and more can also be found here. The Secret Village is perfect for water activities as you can swim, enjoy water sliding and even jump off cliffs into the water! Upon arrival you will be offered a guide which is compulsory, they will guide you through the forest and ensure your safety during activities. This is a fantastic experience which can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Sekumpul waterfall , things to see 
The biggest and tallest falls and the most beautiful waterfall in Bali , it's one stop place which is included Lemukih Niagara falls . Understandably, the Village and Village Lemukih Sekumpul indeed neighbors. To see Sekumpul Waterfall close, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, you have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road, down the hundreds of stairs, and across the river. When you ride a motorcycle, you can still ride from the parking lot (near the ticket window), to the end of the road paving. After paving the way out, the road turned into a narrow dirt road (footpath). Not long down the path, you arrived at a blank bale (gazebo) with Niagara Falls Sekumpul incredible lure. From the blank bale, seen Niagara Sekumpul very pretty in the distance. That makes this waterfall is different from most waterfalls, Niagara Sekumpul not just made up of one or two waterfalls. There are at least seven waterfalls are located separate and apart, you can see from the blank bale. Seven waterfalls scattered in the high cliffs and surrounded by green trees soothes the eye. Seventh waterfall has a shape and a different height. Absolutely amazing. Not one did, when Niagara Sekumpul crowned as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali .
Sekumpul waterfall

Banjar Hot Spring , Things to see 
Banjar Hot Springs are centuries-old springs have been upgraded with modern facilities over time. They’ve have become a favourite retreat and recreational site among locals and international visitors who stays in North Bali . 
Banjar Hot Spring
Locally known as Air Panas Banjar, the hot springs are located approximately 5 km southwest from the famous Lovina coast in North Bali. They share the same district as the Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist monastery, which is located only 1.5 km to the east . 

Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist Monastery 
Brahma Vihara Arama is the largest monastery in Bali. This place is one proof that Bali really upholds peace in diversity. This monastery is filled with stupas and statues that are characteristic of Buddha.
Viahara is even more impressive with a typical Balinese architectural design. Inside the monastery is equipped with a circular pond, fountain, and lotu
s flower . 

Menyali Village , the village of bronse 
From a long time ago, Menyali Village has been known as a producer of aluminum bowl crafts, from a total population of 5,329 people, as many as 20 percent have struggled as bowl craftsmen for generations with non-machine or manual tools. Use to be for Balinese offering basket , but now a lots of tourist using this unique basket for home decorations or basket to store something , like fruits , flowers or any other thing . 
Menyali Village

Menyali Village