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Talking about waterfall in Bali probably we will only know the most popular one for tourist such as Tegenung waterfall or Gigit waterfall  . But there are many hidden waterfalls untouched by hustle bustle tourism . As a Bali tour organizer and tour planner , I would like to list some of secret waterfall that you might need to explore while you are in Bali island  . 

1 . Tukad cepung waterfall 

A hidden paradise in Bali island  , its is located in Bagli region , one hour drive from Ubud town . Bangli itself has a few great tourist destination such as Kintamani with its Batur and lake view ,Panglipuran ancient village , Trunyan village . Beside that we encounter a new and hidden tourist destination which is a wonderful , quite and hidden waterfall called Tukad cepung waterfall . To get there you need to walk through few stairs down and walk through the river . The view is amazing , the waterfall is surrounded by cliff  and when we there we can feel that the water is falling from the sky . The sun shining will make a bright color of waterfall and the sound of nature will make us feel we are in paradise .
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Tukad Cepung waterfall
Tukad cepung waterfall and the sun shining through the wall

2 . Puncak Manik waterfall  
Located in the northern part of the island , in Wanagiri village , Sukasada district . 40 minutes drive  Lovina the tourist icon in the north and 3 hours drive from Kuta / Denpasar . The unique thing of this waterfall is the number of the waterfall , in some season you may see 10 waterfall in there . But there are three main waterfall as you can see it on the pictures .Wanagiri village well known as an agriculture village ,cool atmosphere in a lush green ambient make this place is very special for nature and country side lover . Walking to the waterfall is a charging your lunge with fresh air , along the way on the right side is a tropical forest and on the left is a villager farm of coffee , three farm of Albesia and other tropical fruit threes  .Isn't a big waterfall but only 15 meters high and the water is stable in a whole years .
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Puncak Manikwaterfall

3 . Banyumala waterfall 
Another waterfall which is located in Wanagiri village is called Banyumala waterfall , it just in the northeastern of Lake Buyan . Wanagiri village is a natural agriculture village in the northern part of Bali , the village is very easy to find its along the main road of Singaraja - Denpasar or you can reach from Munduk- Denpasar main road . Once we enter the village we will see the sign of Banyumala waterfall , its need to walk approximately 3. 5 Km . 
The beauty of Banyumala waterfall

3 . Bali Kanto Lampo waterfall

The waterfall that located in the center of Gianyar region , in Beng village about 40 minutes drive from Ubud . This waterfall is a new waterfall site that recently founded by the tourist as another alternative site . But before the tourist coming here , Kanto lampo waterfall is one of the local Balinese place for purification ritual call Ngebejiang ceremony . The social media effect made this waterfall soon become a new tourist site . To reach here isn't so difficult , when you arrive at Beng village there will be a big sign of the waterfall and you just need to follow the direction . Here bellow some picture of the waterfall .

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