Ubud transfer and half day sightseeing tour

Thank you for following our Bali tour blog , today I would like to share our great tour we did yesterday of transfer toward Ubud from Sanur with great customs made Bali private tour sightseeing along the way . 
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Learn how to make an offering from coconut leaf 

Start from visiting Balinese house compound , our clients interested to see the real Balinese house architecture and how we live in a compound . Balinese house compound  is the oldest Balinese architecture in the island influenced by Hindu tradition influence which is originally coming from Java and ancient native Balinese architectures  . Java island before 15000 is a center of Hindu - Buda emperor who rulled over the country for many decades , a great emperor with wide teritory including some teritory of Malaysia , Singapore , a whole Indonesia area  , Champa ( small area in Vietnam now ) , western part of Philippine .
Balinese compound and architecture well known as the most tropical architecture where most of the
materials building used to be in harmony with the environment . We use natural materials such as bamboo , grass roof , brick and stone , woods . We need a wide area to build our proper Balinese compound , where each buildings are build in each direction in a different purpose .
Each building purpose in every direction as explained bellow :
 - West part of the compong area called Bale Dauh / west building , is a building for the family member . Son , daughter , daughter in low , grand son .
- Southern part of the compound called Bale delod . The kitchen area , bathrooms , welt or water source and few rooms will allowed to build
- North part building called Bale Daja  . The house for the oldest persons or the owner of the compound ( north and east direction in our tradition is the holly direction )
- Midle east building called Bale dangin . The place of all the human ceremony such as 3 moth baby ceremony , tooth filling , cut hair ceremony , wedding etc ,
- North east area . Is the holiest area where we build our family temple the are few shrine to worship a God in his different form as well as our ancestor spirits . The main shrine called Kemulan to worship God on his form to be Tree Murti ( Brahma / creator , Wisnu / protector , Siva / God of destroyer )
- Other building that we opten found is Bale Glebeg , the small house where the farmer keep their rice after harvest .                  
if they have more family members ,
The rules of Balinese architecture also well known as " Asta Kosala Kosali " the guidelines to build proper Balinese house including the shape and size of the building , direction where north and east is for parahyangan / holly area , middle is realm for human being , south is realm for demons or evil . This is all refering to our " Tri Hita Karana " concept , Tri is three , Hita Karana is good relationship that we should maintain and keep in balance . A good relationship between human and God , Human and environment , Human and Human . It was an interesting sightseeing around the compound and our clients also interested to learn to make an offering ornaments made by young Banana leaf  .

Second stop after visiting Balinese house compound is to visit Coffee farm including the production of coffee Luwak , the most expensive coffee in the world . Here our clients have chance to learn all the plantations in the farm including coffee plant , cacao , banana , clove , roots spices such as ginger , ginseng , turmeric  and many more .  On the table after the tour we offered a farious coffee and herbal tea product that we only founded there such as ginger tea and coffee , coconut coffee and tea , lemon grass tea , tumeric tea and many more . We also offered a basket of home made chocolate  . Such a relaxing  and interesting place to visit . 
Coffee farm

Trip continued to visit Tegalalang rice terrace . Located in Ubud country side at Tegallalang village approximately 30 minutes drive from Ubud town . Tegallalang rice terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud with its stunning view of terraces . The place is quite small with large number of visitors every day . We spend not so much time there just for picture taking and litle walk on the rice field . 
Tegallalang rice terrace

Last place that we visited us Gunung Kawi temple , Sebatu  . The temple in located in land , north of Ubud approximately 40 minutes drive from Ubud center . The temple is dedicated to Vishnu / Wisnu God as a good of protector , who rule over the water . Surrounded by three stonewalls and the temple build on a natural spring water . A combination of greenery , water source make a peaceful , calm  and cold atmosphere  .  There are three main yard of the temple , outer yard is the wider yard with green shaved grass and large fish pond , second yard is small yard on the left where the place of the purification ritual . Locals peoples usually come there to wash them self in the small pool as a purification rituals  . Third and the inner yard is the holiest area surrounded by walls and great entrance gate architecture . Inside there are few shrine and the main Shrine is in the middle dedicated to God on his Vishnu form . 
Sebatu holly spring temple

By the time we finish there the sky is getting dark and time to end the trip to drive our client to the Hotel . The Hotel is located near by the temple at the village next to Sebatu . It was a great and interesting experience of half day tour to share our culture and simple way how we live in this tiny small beautiful island . 

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Some other pictures  :

At Sebatu holly spring temple
At balinese house compound
Tegallalang rice terrace

Coffee farm

Coffee farm
Tegallalang rice terrace

Tegallalang rice terrace
Tegallalang rice terrace