Combo Bali Adventure package tour

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Bali island is one of the biggest tourist destination in Asia . Bali island offer a various tourist activity from Bali nature sightseeing , Bali culture and art , Bali ancient villages , Bali surfing beaches , Bali shopping and also various kind of Bali adventure tour .
Bali adventure tour such as Bali volcano hiking and island hiking  , Bali cycling , Bali white water rafting , Bali animal encounters in the zoo and Bali ATV adventures .

On our last trip with our clients from United States  . They booked our combo Bali adventure package such as Bali white water rafting , Bali Elephant , Bali SPA treatment , Batur sunrise trekking , Bali ATV .

Day 1 . Bali combo adventure package ( Bali white water rafting + Bali elephant ride + Bali Spa treatment

Start at 8 : 00 am from our client villa at Canggu area and drive direct to the Bali white water rafting start point . An interesting drive through the city center on Denpasar than  some villages , rice field farm in a local village area .  We approximately arrive after one hour drive in Bali white water rafting start point .
The Bali white water rafting take place at Ayung river , one of the most popular river for white water rafting in Ubud . Approximately 30 minutes drive from the center of Ubud . 
Rafting at Ayung river which is suitable for beginner or children the difficulty isn't so high and even it will be save if you can't swim . The adventure length is approximately 10 km through great nature , hidden waterfall with clean and fresh water .
See details here '' BALI WHITE WATER RAFTING ''
Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Combo Bali Adventure package , White water rafting

Bali elephant ride at Bakas adventure ( 30 minutes ride ) 
30 minutes ride in a lush green trek , ride along the bushes and by the river . The wild monkey will also appear around the river sometimes . The Bali elephant ride is located in the east Bali at Banjarangkan district , Kelungkung region . To get into the elephant lodge we drove through great nature of rice field , hills and traditional village . Its just such an interesting program to complete your vacation  in Bali .
Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Combo Bali Adventure package tour , Our clients Diahna Wood and Lovell patton

Stop over at Batuan village for Batuan temple sight seeing  
Along the way to Sanur for Bali SPA treatment , we were stop at Batuan village to visit Batuan Temple . Batuan temple is one of the oldest trinity temple in Bali . With a great Balinese architecture the temple are divided by three different area such as outer yard , middle and inner yard .To enter  the  outer yard we entered huge entrance gate called Candi bentar and the second yard is after the first yard with Three different entrance with the main entrance in the middle . The main entrance will only open during the celebration for only holly procession  purpose  . And in the main yard which is located in the middle there are many shrine with the main holly shrine in the middle . The various kind of shrine is the place where we worship a God on his different manifestation and as well as the ancestor spirits of the villager who own the temple . Northern part of the temple is a place to store all the ancient sculpture . The temple were built around 10 century during the Hindu kingdom empire .
Combo Bali Adventure package tour

 2 hours Bali spa treatment at Abian Srama SPA to pumpers the body and soul after a whole day adventure . The treatment is included one hour massage and food massage ,  body scrub and steam or flowers bath . see more the SPA details here : Bali Spa treatment

Start at very early hotel around 2 am we drive through the dark and quite road to the volcano hiking start point . It was a nice drive away from day traffic , we were arrive around 4 am and start the climbing accompanied by local hiking guide . The trek isn't so difficult and take 2 hours to get into the top of the volcano . Along the way we made a few stop for breath . After less than  2 hours we arrive at the first view point and amazed with the great view of lake under the volcano , vegetable farm and from the east there's an ocean view and the great Agung volcano behind mount Abang . From far in the ocean we could see the highest volcano in Lombok island ,which is Rinjani volcano . 
We finally reach on top of the volcano and find a good place to seat for the sunrise view .  After done with everything we heading back toward the start point , another extra challenging exercise walking down through the steep small trekking road . 
After all we continue to the Hot spring water , which is near by the hiking start point .
Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Combo Bali Adventure package tour , taking selfie picture on the top of volcano

Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Combo Bali Adventure package tour ,  Our clients Megan Davies having a great picture

Day 3 . Tanah Lot temple + Bali ATV + Ubud town 

Tanah lot temple 
Our third day of Bali tour package start by visiting Tanah lot temple . The temple is located in Beraban village , Tabanan region around 20 minutes from the villa where our client stay . Tanah lot is a most visited tourist site in Bali island especialy during the sunset time . The temple is set on the small rock inside the sea facing the indian ocean . During the low tight  , visitors could cross and get into the rock but not allowed to enter the temple .
Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Combo Bali Adventure package tour , Tanah lot temple
A challenging ride on the four wheel motorbike along lush green nature , river , rice field on a challenging Bali ATV trek . Located in Pertiwi Bongkasa , a tourism village about 30 minutes drive from Ubud town

Ubud Town , Ubud market and Ubud palace 
Ubud is one of the most popular city tourist in Bali Island . We stop at Ubud after Bali ATV adventure for sightseeing around the town . Our clients would like to do a shopping around the Ubud town and at the market .
Combo Bali Adventure package tour

Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Combo Bali Adventure package tour , short introduction before start

Combo Bali Adventure package tour
Taking picture before start the adventure