Kuta Beach


Kuta beach Bali tour 

Kuta beach Bali is a main tourist icon in Bali Island.  It was in early 1970 Kuta beach well known as a one of the backpacker and surfers destination in Asia.  As the tourism growing up as a main industry in Bali,  Kuta beach has turned become the bussiest tourist place in Bali. The development keep going on.  Right now a new hotels,  shopping mall, shopping vendors along the street is another view of Kuta beach.  Every years Kuta beach attract more than millions visitors. A favorite place for local tourists,  their vacations isn't completely done before visiting Kuta beach. 


Kuta beach located in the south Bali Island,  it's just next to the airport.  A wide and long white Shandy beach facing into Indian Ocean ,  great wave for surfers and beautiful place to see the sunset. 

How to get there ?

Kuta beach is accessible for any vehicles, even though traffic jam is daily view in one way street along the beach.  There are a lots of parking space but still can't cover all the numbers of cars and motorcycle.
Sunset is the best time to visit Kuta beach, even though whole day is a good time to enjoy the atmosphere of Kuta beach. We can relaxs,  lay down on the beach, get a massage on the beach which is only 50k idr per hour. The Kuta beach is also save for swimming. 
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Kuta Beach is a paradise for them who love to do a sun bathing . With a wide white shandy beach overlook the great Indian ocean made Kuta beach is a paradise beach for tourist in Bali Island .


Kuta beach is a main tourist area and busiest beach in Bali island . Tourism give an opportunity for local peoples to earn living . They are not only coming from Bali island but all around Indonesia to come here trying to get money for living . There are local persons who will always approach you trying to offer their things such as souvenirs or their massage service as well as temporary tattoos . Sometimes the bothering your time but they just trying to make a living . Just smile and say no if you don't interest 

its a paradise beach for surfers , from the beginner until professional surfer . You want to learn how to surf ? Kuta is the best place . Just come to the beach and rent your surf board on the beach and the local boys will teach and accompany you how to surf . its probably cost 300.000 idr for two hours including one hour lesson .  


Another best thing is you can enjoy your Bintang beer on the beach . relaxes and seating on the white shandy beach