Bali tour with Marci T House | Bali Kintamani Tour

Bali Tour with Marci T House and Briggete Robinson . She is an actress Hollywood known for some great movie such as Godzila in 2014 , Elegy 2008 and some other famous movie . Its a great honor for me as a driver to have a chance to meet her , to be her driver and to show her around . Bring me a huge positive energy that I can't explain . I am just a driver in Bali and she was found me on facebook , you can imagine to be like me , I feel I am the luckiest driver to meet her  . We did a lot discussion regarding the plan and she book for 6 days full day trip around Bali . She and her partner  very good person , humble , friendly and never tell me who  is she.
My best moment having selfie with Marci T House
Our first day trip with them is to do the Kintamani Volcano Tour program   . I was not available on her first day , therefore I send one of my driver to assist here . The day were smooth and great weather even it was heavy rain in the morning time . Their fist stop was at Holly Spring Temple , the temple that known for purification temple . There's a big pool with more than 20 artificial shower , the place where to local people do the purification rituals . To remove all the bad influence in our body and soul . 
 Bali tour with Marci T House
Holly Spring Temple pool , the place where we do a purification rituals

The Spring water inside the temple

Second stop they were at Kintamani Area . They arrive during the lunch time and having lunch at one of the restaurant around the area . Panelokan Kintamani is a village located at the southern rim of Batur crater . From there we will see an amazing view of an active volcano and Batur lake . The weather was friendly and we could see the great view of the volcano and lake . 
Taking a great picture overlook at the volcano and Lake view
Our next stop were at Panglipuran ancient village . The village is one of the oldest village in Bali who still keeping a local wisdom . All the house are set accordingly , same looking entrance which is call Gapura in our language . Gapura is a local architecture for the main gate or entrance in each place in Bali , Gapura also used for the main entrance for Bali house compound .  With keeping and strictly follow the rules of three Hita Karana , which is mean three good relationship between human and human , human and environment and Human and God .
Panglipuran ancient Village

Old man standing in front of the main gate of the house compound 
Last stop before heading back to the Hotel is at Kehen Temple which located 20 minutes from Panglipuran village . Kehen Temple is one of the oldest and finest Temple in Bali Island but the history of when were this temple built still a mystery . Due to very few inscription found regarding the story of the Temple . There are only three inscriptions were made of copper and each created in a different time . 

with Marci T House and partner at Kehen temple , Bali

1 . First Inscription writen in Sanskrit words mentioning Hyang Api , Hyang Karimana and Hyang Tanda and some of the priests name . This inscription expected to be made around 9th century .
2 . Second Inscription which founded in the temple is written Senapati Kuturan in old Javanese writing  . Senapati Kuturan or known as Mpu Kuturan is a Hindu priest who come to Bali around 11 century . He have a big influence for Bali culture by making a concept of Hindu Bali , he unite all the Hindu sects in one concept called Three Murti and Desa Pakraman . Which is mean to worship the three God form as a highest God manifestation . Lord Brahma as a God of creator , Lord Wisnu as a God of protector and Siva as a God of destroyer . 
3 . Third Inscription written in a year of 1204 Century in ancient Javanese writing . Telling the name of Hyang / Lord Kehen . During this era Bali were ruled by King Bhatara Guru Cri Adikuntiketana . 

Ancient Banyan Three at Kehen Temple

The main entrance gate of Kehen Temple
It was amazing first day , amazing weather even it was a rain before we start the tour .