Bali Tour with Marci T House | Ubud Tour

Bali Tour with Marci T House and Brigette Robinson , our clients from USA for the second day is to explore Ubud village and surrounding area . As the previous day we were start at 08 : 45 in order to get in Batubulan village before 09 : 30 . Our first frogram is to stop to watch Barong and Kriss dance than followed by visiting Balinese house compound , Bali art villages , Ubud center , Ubud Monkey forest and Rice terrace . 

At the dance stage ' Barong and Kris dance at Batubulan village

The weather were perfect to start the Bali Tour trip . We wish it will be great sunny day for a whole day .  First stop were at one if the local stage in Batubulan for Barong dance performance . The dance narrated the story of never ending fight between good and evil . Based on the local histury and culture Barong is originally come in many shape , but mostly represent the animals shapes such as Lion , Pig , Goat , Elephant . Barong are decorated by long hair , feather or sometimes grass . Its depending which village they coming from , in Bali island mostly each place they have their own tradition . During the Barong and kris dance show , the using Barong with the lion shape . Barong itself is spritual protector for local people , with its spiritual power he protect the village from the disease also black magic . In oposit side there are called Rangda , the scary face , long white hair and sharp fang . Its a form of demon in local history , she come to spread the disease , fear-nest  to the villagers with her black magic powers . The dance accompany  by Balinese traditional music  . During the show you will see well dressed dancer who come on the stage in different character and different partvif show . In the high point where the Barong followers / trops are felt in trance and attack themselves with their own weapon . But Barong blessed all the tropes with his power in order to don't let them cut by their own weapon .

The last chapter of the dance when the tropes are in trance and stab themselves with their own weapon

Balinese House Compound . 

Next place after the dance is to visit Balinese house compound . We stop at one of the local peoples house , to see how they build their compound . Its quite big area with few building inside , where each building is for different purpose . South building is a kitchen , bad rooms for family members also bathroom and toilette . In the west is a building for another family members whilst in the nort is for the oldest person . It can be our grandfather and grandmother . Other building is for our human ceremony tradition which is located in the middle of the compound facing to the west or south . Another area in the northeaster of the compound is where the family temple are . There we do daily offering to the Gid as well as to our ancestors .
Before visiting the Balinese house compound , we also stop at Celuk silver smith village . Interesting village with its gold and silver house industry in almost every house .  Trip continue and we stop at one of the painting gallery . One of the big gallery Batuan village . The village well known as a center of painting in Ubud area .
Taking care well the roaster . The family member of the compound , roaster is important pets for the cock fighting gambler

Small building called Klumpu , a place where they keep the rice

Ubud Monkey Forest 

One big stop we made at Ubud Monkey forest . A green small forest in the center of Ubud town as a habitat of 600 long tailed monkeys .The monkeys quite friendly and get use to the visitors but however they are still wild , we are advised to don't touch the monkeys or to making eye contact . Some of the monkey are very aggressive especial if they have baby . We we spend approximately one hour around the forest , taking short walk on the wooden bridge and around new conservation forest . It was an interesting and super afternoon  .
Monkeys in the forest

They get use to the visitors , come closer for food

One bridge at Monkey forest toward the Holly spring Temple

Ubud Center & Ubud Art Market 

After visiting Tanah Lot Temple we continue drive to Ubud market . They were spend almost 2 hours to see the art market as well as having lunch at one of the
restaurant near by . They also visit Ubud palace , the house of Ubud royal family .

Tegallalang Rice Terrace  

Another stop we made is in Tegallalang rice terrace . The location its just 30 minutes drive from Ubud center which is still belong under Ubud territory . The terrace is amazing and perfect place to spend our afternoon time . We didn't go to into terraces to walk but only seeing from the main road and taking some nice pictures . Its a great place and amazing landscape .

Tegallalang , the most scenic rice terrace view

Batuan Trinity Temple 

Last Stop we made at Batuan Temple . Located at Batuan village as one of the oldest temple in Bali , was built around 10 century . The temple is quite big , the temple area devided by 3 different area such as outer yard , middle yard and inner yard . The architecture is amazing , huge entrance gate that we called Gapura . Amazing number of statue , shrines in one big temple complex . Here we wirship Lord Brahma and Whisnu , the trinity God form .

Temples at Batuan Trinity temple complex

 Time pass so quick and dark approaching , we end up the trip at Batuan Tempe and drive back home for rest to get ready for new adventures the next day . 

We also stop at Celuk village to see the silver home industry

Stop at painting House ' Semar kuning at Batuan Village