Bali Cycling

Cycling or Cycling is one of the fun sports activities. Besides aiming to maintain a healthy body, cycling can also improve our interactions with the environment. In Bali, this activity has been identified as one of adventure tourism nicely packaged into an exciting optional activities.

Powered by fixtures and equipment of international standard, with a high level of security as well as services of experienced cycling guides, activities cycling / biking can be used as one of the alternative travel options to fill the holiday event in Bali.

The series tour will begin with a morning breakfast together in Penelokan, Kintamani with beautiful scenic backdrop of Mount Batur and its crater lake. After that you will be taken to the heart of Balinese countryside by mountain bike, down the hill through the small streets and secret where no heavy traffic, typical Balinese experience life as yet untouched by tourism activities, enjoy the natural beauty of the hinterland of Bali in Ubud. 

Tip; wear appropriate clothing for cycling. Do not forget to bring a hat and sunscreen (highly recommended for all outdoor activities in Bali). No need to bring a bottle of drinking water, because your guide will supply enough drinking water for you.